Love Letters from your Guests…

The people who attend your wedding are not just ANYONE, right?! These are people who care for you, love you, support you, and are there for you on your best days and on your worst days. You want to hear from them, right? A wonderful way to extend your special day and to always get to enjoy the love from your guests that night is to have them write a love note to you and your loved one. Each guest (hopefully) will write down their peals of wisdom for love and marriage, well wishes for a beautiful life, or warnings about how to handle the curveballs that life throws at you. Then, they fold up the letter, and address the envelope with their name and the date that you should open it. Here are some of the dates that I read as I put them into the mailbox at the end of the night:

  • “On your first anniversary”
  • “When you first find out you’re pregnant”
  • “During your first fight”
  • “On your 10th wedding anniversary”


  • An envelope (can be pre-printed)
  • A blank piece of paper
  • A pen
  • A mailbox

Mailbox options:

  • You can purchase an actual mailbox and decorate it and then use it at your new home together
  • You can purchase a cardboard mailbox online (see pics)
  • You can wrap a cardboard box, wrap it in pretty paper, and cut a slit in the top


Options for display:

  • You can put the “packet” (envelope, paper, pen) at each one of the guests’ seat (tucking it into the pocket-fold napkin, like my bride did)
  • You can put them out at a special table so it is an “activity” that is away from the food

TIP: Preprint the envelopes – this will avoid the problem of mislabeling, ambiguity, and any other surprises!

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