“Tickets Not Toasters” ~ Event Ticket Registry

We’ve all heard of the honeymoon registry* but here is the next best thing – an event ticket wedding registry! If you and your groom are theatre, concert, or other performane buffs, this might be your ticket (pun, intended) to much cooler and useful wedding gifts than a stinkin’ toaster or a set of hand towels. http://www.weddingticketregistry.com/

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* Here are some options for honeymoon registries: http://honeyfund.com, http://honeymoonwishes.com, http://travelersjoy.com, and here is a review page for some of the big ones: http://www.creativehoneymoonideas.info/ideas/2010/12/honeymoon-registry-reviews-2/

When I got married in 2008, my then-groom and I were combining two households and DID NOT need any more dishes or water glasses. So we registered for a honeymoon – to New York & Maine – and our guests’ generous gifts paid for our honeymoon IN FULL. Well worth it. If they had had http://www.weddingticketregistry.com/, we would have registered with them too!!



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