Pictures worth a thousand words… or $1.50+

Framed photos aren’t the first thing that you might think of when imagining your perfect table setting for your event… however, flowers can be expensive and live fish went out of style in 1995. Framed photos are charming, personalized, and can be as elegant or playful as you want.

I recently caught a deal at Target for 8 4×6″ frames for $7.00 which is less than a $1.00 per frame. They’re simple and black and could be paired with some silver or black candlesticks (for height) or could be painted pink for a baby shower or bachelorette party.

A friend of mine had assigned seating at her wedding and she put a picture of each of the people at the table with her or with her groom. She then gave them away as their party favor. What an intimate way to bring her guests together – to share about where/when the photo was taken, how they met the bride/groom, etc.

As you plan for your event, you can visit thrift stores, garage sales, and craft store blow-outs and start collecting frames at rock-bottom prices. If you’re concerned about uniformity, you can always buy a can of four-dollar spray paint in the color of your choice and make them all the same color BUT with different textures, patterns & sizes.

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