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NameChange jayhawk girl wedding brideIf you’re planning to change your name after the wedding, here’s a great blog posting (Thanks, Jayhawk Girl!) that guides you through the steps to seamless name changing.

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Here is the gist of the article:

Marriage Licenses – First, make sure you have multiple certified copies (I recommend 3) of your marriage license.
Social Security Card – The first thing I went to change was my Social Security Card. To apply for a new Social Security Card, complete the form listed below and mail it to your local Social Security Office (found here).
Social Security Card Application

Passport – Next, I recommend updating your passport (if you have one). This is how I got around the Kansas state law restricting two middle names on drivers’ licenses. The Kansas DMV is required to list your name on your Drivers’ License exactly as it appears on your Passport, so if you update your passport first, the DMV has to list your name that way. Visit the site listed below, gather the items needed (confirm that you are completing the correct forms) and mail them in as directed.
Passport Name Change

DMV – Then, change your name with the DMV. Contact your local DMV to find out what the paperwork requirements are, but I would recommend bringing every form of identification that you can find (birth certificate, marriage license, old license, passport, etc.

Everything Else – Most of the other changes you will need to make can be taken care of by completing this process.

    1. Add all of your accounts to this Excel Spreadsheet.
    2. Open this Word Document.
    3. Edit all of the information that is highlighted to personalize the template.
    4. If you know how to use mail merge, the document is all set up for that using the Spreadsheet above. If not, you can copy and paste the information into the Word document and print individual letters for each of your accounts.
    5. The letter can be updated to include other information that may need to be changed.
    6. Include a photocopy of your marriage license with each letter (do NOT sent your certified copies unless it is specifically requested).
    7. Mail the letters and you’re all set.

Items that may be handled (some of these items may require additional information) in #5 include (but are not limited to):

  • Employer information
  • Credit Card Accounts
  • Financial Accounts
  • Mailing Address
  • Utility Companies
  • Homeowner/Rental information
  • Attorneys
  • Medical accounts
  • Voter Registration
  • Schools
  • Insurance accounts
  • Subscriptions

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