Centerpiece Ideas and Creative Suggestions

When we leave a wedding… do we really remember what the centerpieces look like?! Most of the time, the answer is no. Unless they were really special or really elaborate, right? We aren’t in the “elaborate” business but we are all about making your day special (and reasonably priced!). Here are some questions to ask yourself when creating your centerpieces:

1. What is the theme of my event?
2. What is the venue like? On the beach? In the mountains?
3. What is the seating going to be like at the party?
4. What is my budget?
5. Are there any restrictions from my venue?

Here are some suggestions for themes:

A winery wedding… corks in the vases with fresh cut flowers (see photo)
An autumn wedding… fresh veggies and fruits dotted with large sunflowers (think cornucopia)
A spring wedding… planted herbs in flower pots – these can also represent table assignments (“The Rosemary Table”, “The Basil Table”)

These are all reasonably priced options for DIY planners – especially if you shop online.

Some KEY tips to creating your event centerpieces:

#1 – MAJOR – make sure that your guests can SEE each other when sitting down for conversation. It’s a nightmare when you have to bob and weave around the centerpiece all night!

#2 – try to make your centerpiece into something that you or you guests can enjoy for a longer time than just the event (a potted plant, candles, etc.)

#3 – Don’t spend a ton on your centerpieces because, as I said, before your guests are more interested in your ceremony, your love for each other, and how good the music was than the stuff on the table.


Wine corks for good prices = eBay and

Plant pots = and always check

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