The Smile Booth – Fun pics + small price tag

We’ve all seen photo booths at carnivals, the mall, or even at the movie theatre but they’re now becoming a popular activity at weddings and bigger events. You can capture all of those candid photos when people get to goof off! It makes for some of the most memorable photos of the event.

If you cannot afford the $1000+ price tag, here’s a wonderful alternative: A Smile Booth!

All you will need is a 6′ x 6′ piece of wall at your reception or cocktail party, a piece of colorful fabric or other background and props are optional. You can just hang the backdrop with some push pins (depending on the weight), set out a small table with a few disposable cameras with a sign that says something like “Use yours or use ours but please have some fun!!”

The backdrop can be as simple as a curtain or as elaborate as ribbons & balloons with sparkles and streamers. Make it yours!

The props can range from silly wigs & sunglasses to leis, sombreros & feather boas. Another lovely idea is empty frames for people to use to make their face the piece of art.

The only cost to you is the backdrop, any props & the disposable cameras*.

* NOTE – this is my humble opinion – take it for what it’s worth: The disposable cameras on tables at an event almost always end up a waste of money with pictures of people in the bathroom, someone taking a bite of food, etc. Give the cameras a purpose or you will end up with a lot of worthless photos.

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