Guestbook… tell a story

Guestbooks can range from bland and boring to sparkling and interactive – it’s your choice. When thinking about how you want to commemmorate who attended your event, consider a few things:

1. Is this something that I can – and want – to display in my home?
2. Is there anything that I want to share with my guests (photos? stories?)?
3. How important is a guestbook to me?

Here are some ideas for creative guestbooks that you and your guests will remember for a long time…

Use a good ol’ Polaroid camera and have a guestbook attendant take your guests’ photo and place it in a book where the guest(s) can put their well-wishes on the page next to the photo – see photos below.

For the scrapbooker (or recruit a friend who is a scrapbooker), put together a quick album of photos that tell a story. You can then have guests sign small tags with their well-wishes and the scrapbooker can later put them in. This gives your gusests something to enjoy while waiting to sign instead of just standing in line chatting.


WEDDING/ANNIVERSARY – Bride & groom from childhood through engagement – see photos.

BIRTHDAY – Birthday girl/boy from birth through present day.

BABY SHOWER – Marriage photos of couple & birth photos through present with story of pregancy, name choices, etc. This should leave room for the birth photos and some baby pictures.

Another popular “guestbook” that will become a beautiful piece of “art” is a signature matte that will frame a photo frome the event.

MAJOR TIP: Do NOT put the matte on an easel to be signed, guests will walk right by it, thinking that it is just decoration. Put it down on a table with multiple pens so more than one guest can sign at a time.

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