Family Florals – To Pin or Not to Pin?

It is traditional wedding practice to have florals for honored guests who are not in your wedding party – typically close family. These guests include: fathers, mothers, grandparents, and anyone else who is walking down the aisle. If you’re on a REALLY tight budget, family florals are not required. However, the cost to you tends to be nominal and the enjoyment that your granny gets from receiving a corsage is priceless. However, one thing that I have noticed is that women HATE pinning their blouse/dress/jacket and putting a hole in their clothing with the pin. An alternative is a wrist corsage. They do feel a little “sophomore year homecoming” but they are beautiful, practical, and easy to wear – all good things.

TIP: A side note about the GROOM’S boutonniere is that I ALWAYS suggest that the florist makes TWO for him. One for the aisle and one for half-way through the reception when all of the hugs have ruined the first one. And you can always have the second one in case the first one is broken during pinning – yes, that happened to a groom of mine (no, I wasn’t pinning his bout).

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