Enjoy the view…

Many of you will plan your wedding ceremony at a venue that has a beautiful view – the beach, a mountain top, a river bank, etc. A very traditional wedding feature is an arch – rustic or classic, bursting with flowers or draped with billowing fabrics. This can be lovely and beautiful but can also compete with the natural beauty of the location.

Tip: If you do decide to go with an arch, choose something that is simple & compliments the location – bamboo for somewhere tropical/beachy, rustic & natural for somewhere in the countryside, etc.

Some considerations if you want to go with the arch:

  • Will there be a lot of wind at the location?

This can lead to a safety hazard for the arch…

  • Do you want to keep the arch for your home?

If so, this is a good investment.

  • You can rent the arch (no flowers included) – is it worth the $75-$250?

Could this money be spend somewhere else?

  • What materials would you make it from? Wood? Bamboo? Purchase it pre-constructed?
  • How will you transport it to and from the ceremony location?

If you choose to go with an arch – here are some beautiful suggestions…

NOTE: NO, NO, NO, NO balloons – No Balloon Arch!! If you plan on having a trailer park wedding or a quineanera, a balloon arch will work. Otherwise, it’ll look incredibly childish and cheap – in my humble opinion. I’ll be posting soon on balloons and how to incorporate them tastefully.

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