COVID-19 information for Amazing Days Events couples

You’ve been planning your wedding for months (maybe years) and you’ve invested time, energy, and money in finding your team of vendors, the perfect venue, and the dress of your dreams.

And now, you’re forced to decide (some of you AGAIN) during a now year-long worldwide pandemic between crossing your fingers that this ends in time for your wedding or rescheduling to a new date. The weirdest sentence that I never imagined I would be writing.

All of us at Amazing Days Events feel so lucky to be the wedding planners you’ve chosen and trusted to make magic happen for one of the most precious and memorable days of your life. We value the connection and relationship that we have already established and how vital sustaining that healthy relationship will be come the day of your wedding.

I know you have a multitude of stressors that are involved not just with the fears associated with a pandemic, but also the fears that come with planning a wedding and having invested so much into a day that you have awaited with excitement. I want to do everything within my power to maintain transparency and an open channel of vulnerability with all of our clients. I want you to feel safe sharing your needs moving forward. I am your wedding planner, but I am also someone who cares deeply about you, and you inspire and support me and my team as we pursue our passion of planning your Big Day!

Wedding Reschedule Policy

1) Clients may reschedule to any date within 2021 or 2022 on which an Amazing Days Events coordinator is available. Your booking retainer and any money already paid will be applied to your new date and a 20% rescheduling fee will be applied to weekend, high-season dates (April 1-November 1). A fresh contract with the new date will be required to secure your new date.

2) Clients who choose to cancel their wedding altogether are subject to the terms agreed upon in the original contract signed at the time of booking.

3) If this is your second, third or fourth reschedule and you have already been charged the 20% reschedule fee, there will only be a$300 fee charged to cover my hours to reschedule your wedding again.

4) If you choose an off-season date, there will be a$300 fee charged to cover my hours to reschedule your wedding and having your wedding on the books for the next x-number of months.

Here are some questions (with answers) that you may have; after you’ve reviewed this information, if you need additional assistance or have questions we didn’t answer here, please reach out to Sophie at

Q: What are the steps for rescheduling our wedding date?

A: As your wedding planner, we will be there to guide you during the process. Firstly, we will jump on a call to discuss options, how you are all dealing with this on a deeper level (this is HARD and we totally get that!), and what the priorities are for moving forward. The next step would be to get in touch with the venue to find out the available dates during the time frame that you’re interested in. Once we have those dates, you will discuss them with any important people (family, bridal party, etc.) to ensure that the date(s) that you choose to explore work for them as well. From those dates, you will choose 1-3 dates. The next step is that Amazing Days Events will get in touch with all of your vendors to check into availability and whether there will be any rescheduling fees associated with a date change. Once we hear back from all of your vendors, we will give you that information and we/you will make a decision on which date you’re ready to move to. If you’re not quite ready to reschedule (still waiting to see what happens), we can ask your vendors to hold the date and be the point person in case another couples inquires for that date. Once you officially choose to move your wedding date to the new date, we will communicate that to all vendors and make the request for updated/amended contracts with the new date. They will pass those new contracts on to you for signature.

Q: Can we reschedule to a date in 2021or 2022 without a fee?

A: Yes! You can move your wedding to any weekday at no additional cost. You can also reschedule to a date between December 1 and March 30 at no additional cost.

Q: Why is there an additional fee if we choose to move our wedding?

A: This is a totally fair question, and I’ll share a bit about how Amazing Days Events survives as a small business. We have a limited number of weekend days per year, and our livelihoods depend on booking popular weekend wedding dates between April and November. As our 2020 weddings have now postponed to 2021 and our 2021 weddings are now rescheduling to 2022, those prime dates are booking up and therefore our availability decreases. We could not financially sustain that impact, which is currently a very real and dark reality for many small businesses, especially in the wedding industry. This is why we are asking our couples to meet us halfway and consider weekdays or our “off-season” months of December, January, February, or March to get married at no additional cost to them.

Q: What if you’re not available for a date that the rest of our vendors are?

A: If you move your wedding to a date on which your original Amazing Days Events coordinator is unavailable, we’ll substitute another Coordinator in her place (we are ALL extremely awesome and talented, and Sophie will still be planning right along side you all the way through to your wedding weekend!). In the event that none of our Amazing Days Events coordinators are available for your rescheduled date, it is considered a cancellation and subject to the terms of your original contract. If you would like to retain your entire vendor team and not lose your retainers/fees paid, it might be a good idea to consider a Friday, Sunday, or weekday. Who said Wednesday weddings aren’t a thing?


Again, if you need additional assistance or have questions we didn’t answer here, please reach out to Sophie at