Photo by Rewind Photography

I don’t think that I have ever declined an invite to a party unless I already had another party on my calendar… I love everything about a party.  I love the lighting, the food, the décor, the energy, the music — but what I really love are the things that most people don’t see or even notice.  I love the sound of the party in full swing when I’m standing in the kitchen (where I inevitably end up at almost any event).  I love the way people can move around a buffet table without bumping into each other.  I love the way the night can flow smoothly from gradual entrances and casual murmurs to rockin’ sockin’ dance moves and boisterous enthusiasm.  I love standing in the room, quietly, after everyone has gone, knowing that an amazing event just ended and that everyone is safe in their beds still smiling about what a wonderful time they had.

A little about me?  I’m a redhead with all of the energy and personality that goes with it. I could eat a breakfast burrito for every meal of the day. I have a beautiful son with fiery red hair and the personality to match. I have a sassy ginger daughter who is charming and brilliant and lights up my life. My dining room chairs are bright turquoise and the “centerpiece” on our dining table is a Betta fish named Dice.

I bring everything that I have to my work and strive to go home at the end of the day knowing that I gave it my all and that a great party happened with my help… very rewarding!

The “boring but important” part: For those of you who like knowing what qualifies me for event management on paper, here goes… I have a Masters degree in Organizational Management with an emphasis on Event Management. I have 20 years of resource management experience and have planned, coordinated and managed hundreds of events from 10 guests to 1000 guests – weddings (150+ to date), bridal showers, nonprofit fundraiser galas, soccer tournaments, silent auctions, raffle drawings, staff appreciation dinners, and many more. Oh, yeah, and I’m REALLY fun to work with! Give me a call, I’ve got some wild stories to tell you…

PS – My goal is to be the best money that you spend on your wedding day!